Our Dallas In-House Private Catering

Your guests will be impressed by unique taste combinations and the atmosphere is second to none. Three stories of Texas limestone and a rooftop waterfall welcome your guests as the aroma of fresh made tortillas meanders through the restaurant. There are several rooms available, both private and semi-private, with the opportunity to rent out large sections of Iron Cactus including the rooftop patio.

If you’re worried about space, don’t – you can host a three level event for up to 500 guests with in-house catering. Dallas downtown scenery is impressive with the use of the Pegasus Plaza which has capacity for up to 2000 guests. Corporate clients, wedding receptions, or just a private get away for a small group is easy and we’ll take the worries away with professionally trained caterers and staff. And, you’ll never be bored with the menu.

You’ll have access to special types of catering menus that will “wow” your guests with our signature Tequila Dinner, expertly created by our Chef. You and your guests can sample three ½ ounce glasses of premium tequila while participating in an interesting and informative presentation. Much of the menu is served with tequila infused specialties and two silver margaritas are included with dinner. Be sure to ask your catering consultant about the different options available or you can see a variety of caterine menus here. You can book online or speak to one of our Iron Cactus catering Dallas experts by calling (214) 748- 7482.

If you’re not looking for in-house catering we’ve got off-site catering services in Dallas as well.

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