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Mexican Restaurants

Mexican Restaurants in San Antonio on the Riverwalk

Iron Cactus is one of few award winning Mexican restaurants in San Antonio, and is known for unique tequila infused creations and over 100 premium tequilas you can sip or have mixed into margaritas and Mexican martinis. Our Riverwalk location and beautiful outdoor patio make Iron Cactus’s Mexican Restaurants a San Antonio tourist destination. Iron Cactus takes advantage of San Antonio’s unique cultural and geographic positioning to create traditional Mexican inspired cuisine with contemporary flavor combinations.

According to the U.S. Census, San Antonio has a population that is over 60% Hispanic (Latino.) It is no secret the majority of this population is of Mexican lineage, so you’d think that San Antonio would have a rich cultural history rooted in Mexican culture and cuisine, and it does.  In fact, San Antonio is an epicenter of Mexican culture in Texas with the history of the Alamo and hidden secrets such as Goliad Street, in which “Goliad” is an anagram of the Mexican historic figure of Hidalgo (father of the Mexican independence movement), without the “H”.

All you have to do is drive 5 minutes and you’ll see a variety of Mexican restaurants in San Antonio from taco shops and Tex-Mex to mariscos (seafood) and alta cocina (fine dining) cuisine. Conceivably, the most important and unique situation of San Antonio is proximity to the food source. In the valley we have fresh vegetables shipped daily and from Mexico we can get fresh and dried chilies within hours, not to mention herbs such as epazote, aromatic Mexican oregano, cilantro, and unique spices like achiote (annatto seeds) and fresh cinnamon. Furthermore, Texas is one of the largest meat producing states in the Nation, so beef, poultry, and pork are abundant. Fresh seafood is available daily considering the Gulf is only two hours away.

If you’re looking for great traditional and contemporary Mexican Restaurants in San Antonio and desire a fine dining experience without the stuffy fine dining atmosphere, stop by and visit with us next time you’re on the Riverwalk. You can contact us at (210) 224-9835 or Book your Private Party or Event online for your group.

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