Half Price Margaritas – Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurants North Austin

Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurants, Grill and Bar with locations in Downtown Austin, North Austin, Dallas and San Antonio River Walk makes award-winning, handcrafted, margaritas. Its location in North Austin is now offering half price margaritas on Mondays.

Half Price Margaritas

Half price margaritas at Iron Cactus North Austin taste even better with Mexican dishes from our new menu that will liven up your palate with every bite. So take your taste buds for a joy ride by driving to Iron Cactus North Austin today.

Iron Cactus serves contemporary Mexican dishes and premium, award-winning handcrafted margaritas. The original Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant opened on historic 6th Street in downtown Austin in 1996. Since then, we have grown to four locations including restaurants in North Austin, downtown Dallas and San Antonio River Walk. You can find Iron Cactus on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .




Five Types of Bosses Who Deserve a Free Lunch at Iron Cactus

Cake Boss

This is the boss that brings baked goods and pastries, which are either homemade or store-bought at the local HEB. Regardless of how or where they got the delicious pastries, everyone devours them with or without coffee. By the end of the day, only crumbs are left.

Cake Boss Meme


The Donald

This is the boss that brings out the best work you can deliver. Whether it’s their intimidating presence, proven leadership success or unique hairstyle, you always try to make sure that you exceed this boss’s expectations.

Youre Fired Meme


The Clean Freak

The boss that consistently reminds you to keep your desk, cube or office tidy, organized and sanitary. Their office has a large bottle of Purell not for them but for you to use before any meeting in their office. Their penchant for cleanliness is the same for the reports you hand in. They’ll send you home to rest if they hear you sneeze more than once in a day.

Monk Meme


The One Of The Guys

This boss will keep you in their office to chat about the Dallas Cowboys, the Longhorns, the latest Groupon sale, or any topic that isn’t work-related. Their at every cocktail happy hour and even organizes them sometimes. Unfortunately, since you’ve seen them drink a little too much at one of the many happy hours, you’ve lost some respect for them as your boss. Regardless, they’re great to hang with and guaranteed to give you a great reference.

The Office


The Comedian

They have a witty remark about every situation. In meetings, they lead off the agenda with a funny one-liner. You question their decision making sometimes because you’re unsure whether they’re serious or kidding around. At times, they’re just totally clueless, but you have faith that working for them will bring you promotion because if they can move up so can you.

Veep Meme

Take Your Boss to Iron Cactus North Austin (Stonelake Blvd.) or Iron Cactus Hill Country Galleria this Thursday, 10/16, for a free lunch!


Austin, TX, May 22, 2012 — Despite thunder, lightning and torrential rain that shortened the Iron Cactus – Carlos ‘N Charlies 17th Annual Charity Golf Tournament at Grey Rock Golf Club on May 10th, it was still able to raise $25,000 for Marbridge, a residential community for adults with cognitive challenges. The funds raised will go towards building Marbridge’s Victory Hall and Athletic Events Center.

Gary Manley, General Partner at Iron Cactus, with friends from Marbridge.

“We are thankful to all the players, volunteers, sponsors and our friends at Marbridge who came out to support our charity golf tournament,” said Gary Manley, General Partner at Iron Cactus. “In the 17 years we’ve played this golf tournament, it had never rained and I take this as a blessing. We are proud to help make Marbridge’s Victory Hall a reality.”

At approximately 18,100 square feet, the Victory Hall and Athletics Events Center at Marbridge includes a gymnasium, a stage area, an exercise center, classroom facilities, meeting rooms, staff offices and storage space.  It will serve as an athletic facility for teams to practice for Special Olympic competitions. It can also be used as a competitive arena, where scrimmages can be played. It even has the capacity to hold Special Olympic events. Additionally, it will serve as a wellness center so residents can improve overall health and fitness. The classroom facilities will be used for nutrition and life skills training provided to Marbridge residents. Meeting room facilities may be used by staff, volunteers or community groups.

“We are grateful to Iron Cactus for all the support it has given Marbridge through the years,” said James Stacey, President at Marbridge.”It is through organizations like Iron Cactus that we are able to provide assistance to adults with cognitive challenges so they may lead normal, productive lives.”

About Iron Cactus
Iron Cactus serves award-winning Mexican dishes and Premium hand crafted margaritas. The original restaurant opened on historic 6th Street in downtown Austin in 1996. Since then, Iron Cactus has grown to five locations including restaurants in Dallas and San Antonio, and two additional Austin locations. For the latest restaurant updates, “like” Iron Cactus on Facebook at or on Twitter at More information about Iron Cactus can be found at