Iron Cactus Holds First Annual Tequila Tour in Dallas


Dallas, TX, April 24, 2012 — Iron Cactus, an award-winning Margarita Bar and Mexican Grill is bringing its famous Tequila Tour to its downtown Dallas location on Thursday, April 26, at 6pm. Tickets for the event are priced at $20 if ordered in advance and $25 at the door. Five dollars for every ticket sold will benefit a local Dallas charity.

The Iron Cactus Tequila Tour will feature more than 40 different types of tequila. Each ticket includes 10 tequila tastings and appetizers. There are a limited number of tickets available so it is encouraged to purchase them in advance. Iron Cactus in downtown Dallas is located at 1520 Main St. Interested attendees can call (214) 749-4766 to order their tickets for the Tequila Tour.

“We are proud to bring our successful Tequila Tour to Dallas after many years of holding this annual event at our three Iron Cactus locations in Austin,” said Gary Manley, General Partner at Iron Cactus. “Tequila is fast becoming one of the most popular spirits of choice for many people of drinking age today and this is an opportunity for our guests in Dallas to learn more about premium tequila.”

The Tequila Tour brings together numerous tequila brands including Herradura, Patron, Avion and many others. Guests will have the opportunity to discover several types of tequilas that are best suited for their palates. The annual Tequila Tour in Austin Began in 1998 and is held every September at the Stonelake location in North Austin.

About Iron Cactus
Iron Cactus serves award-winning Mexican dishes and Premium hand crafted margaritas. The original restaurant opened on historic 6th Street in downtown Austin in 1996. Since then, Iron Cactus has grown to five locations including restaurants in Dallas and San Antonio, and two additional Austin locations. For the latest restaurant updates, “like” Iron Cactus on Facebook at or on Twitter at More information about Iron Cactus can be found at


Mezcal is a word that conjures up evocative images of old Mexico. It’s yet another reason why Mexico is unlike any other place. Like the land around it, Mezcal is a world steeped in myth and legend; an experience that connects us to a past realized in smoky wafts of oak and agave.
Describing it is like trying to describe the sound a cello makes to a deaf person. It has a fullness and subtlety that emerges slowly. Mezcal is as close as you can get to experiencing pure Mexico in a glass. It’s a mystical, earthy concoction, with roots deep in native culture. Its genius is in its unique creation, as true Mezcal is produced in small towns, located mostly in the state of Oaxaca.
Whereas Tequila is only produced from one type of agave plant, Mezca can be produced from different varieties. These differences, along with the closely-guarded recipes and secret preparation techniques are the primary reasons Mezcal has wildly varied tastes.
The most important difference from tequila is the smoke. After years of cultivating the agaves, which are grown on the sides of mountains, the pina, or the heart of the plant is buried and smoked over a bed of oak wood for several days. The oak-imparted, blackened heart is then crushed by an old stone wheel pulled by horses and donkeys to extract the precious liquid. The liquid is fermented, then distilled, usually twice, in copper vats, and secret ingredients are added. The Mezcal is then allowed to age in antiquated oak barrels, which provide further flavoring.
The result is nothing less than miraculous. The taste is everything Iron Cactus stands for: distinctiveness, authenticity, a spirit that can only be experienced and never quite explained.
Right now, Iron Cactus is proud to serve Wahaka Mezcal. Made by 5th generation “mezcaleros” from the small town of San Dionisio Ocotepec, in the state of Oxaaca, it’s as real as it gets. Come sip a a precious glass–you will be transported.