Mexican Restaurant Near Me in Dallas

Do you ever find that you’re in the mood for something out of the ordinary? Maybe you’re even looking for something with a little kick to it? If spices and great flavors are what you crave in a Mexican restaurant near me in Dallas, then you need to head on over to the Iron Cactus Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar, the city’s home for bold flavors and Mexican dining, redefined!

Mexican Restaurant Near Me in DallasWhen your tastes and dining interest are leading you down south of the border, you want to make sure you’re headed to a restaurant that has all the dishes you know and love, as well as an array of items that will surprise and inspire. The best example of a Mexican restaurant near me in Dallas that provides this is the Iron Cactus. Here you’ll find all-time greats like quesadillas, tacos and tamales on the same menu that features pork tamale pops, Mexican meatloaf and crab stuffed jalapeños.

What’s really great about the Iron Cactus is that you will find all these amazing dishes served in an atmosphere that’s at the intersection of upscale and comfort. Suit and tie? Socks and sandals? All are welcome at the Iron Cactus to enjoy ambience that plays equally well to both lifestyles. Just as our food can be considered upscale and comforting, our surroundings also work on two levels. You will find the environment warm, but with a touch of class and elegance. That makes the Iron Cactus a great place to grab drinks with your buddies or for the perfect first date.

When you find that you need the best Mexican restaurant near me in Dallas, choose the Iron Cactus. From menus to décor, it’s truly the meeting place for class and comfort. Find the Iron Cactus downtown at 1520 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201.


Restaurants with Private Rooms in Dallas

From wedding receptions to business conferences, there is always a need for restaurants with private rooms in Dallas. An event can call for so much more than a podium and a projector, just as a dining space can require more than just tables, linens and great food. At the Iron Cactus, you will find an institution that can handle the needs of both.

When you are in need of private dining or event space at restaurants with private rooms in Dallas, consider the Iron Cactus for a few reasons. First, we come fully equipped with audio/visual capabilities, so whether you want to run a slide show of the best pictures of the bride and groom or you need to display a PowerPoint presentation to your guests, the Iron Cactus has you covered.

In our Cactus room, you will find all the accoutrements you need, like a DVD player and complimentary wireless internet. Another great reason to consider the Iron Cactus for private dining is you can have access to your own full-service private bar.

Restaurants with Private Rooms in DallasThere’s no need to leave your party and go wait in line for your next refreshing drink when you have your own bar in your event room and at your service.

The Iron Cactus can also accommodate a large number of guests for your private dining function or special event.

The Cactus Room comfortably seats 80 guests and can host as many as 110 for a cocktail-style function. Should you find that our event requires even more spacious confines, we are happy to make our Tapas Dining Room and Plaza Dining Room available to you. Each room offers a different experience, but all of them possess the class, comfort and style that the Iron Cactus is known for.

Restaurants with private rooms in Dallas can fill up quickly for special events, so don’t delay. Inquire today about private dining and let us help you put on the perfect event. Fill out our In House Party Request today!


Mexican Food Catering in Dallas

Can you believe we’re just days away from the start of 2020? Sure, it sounds so far away, but it really is right around the corner. With the New Year comes a whole new calendar of social events, parties and affairs that need to be planned, and that’s a lot to worry about. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is who will take care of your catering needs. If your 2020 celebration needs quality catering from one of the best names in the business, trust your Mexican food catering in Dallas to the professionals at the Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita bar!

If your 2020 celebration needs quality catering from one of the best names in the business, trust your Mexican food catering in Dallas to the professionals at the Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita bar!There is no better time than now to start booking catering for your needs in the New Year, so whether it’s a family reunion, a rehearsal dinner or a corporate function, Iron Cactus can take care of your needs. The Iron Cactus offers the best in first-class Mexican food catering in Dallas. Don’t delay. Let us help you in planning your catered event by simply filling out the interest form at Once there, let us know where your event will be and how many people you need to feed. From there, we can help you prepare the perfect menu for your social engagement.

Perhaps what you’re seeking is the perfect venue to hold a catered event. If that happens to be the case, you might consider one of our wonderful private dining rooms at our beautiful downtown Dallas location. The event spaces at the Iron Cactus can accommodate parties of any size for seated meals or cocktail hours. So when you need Mexican food catering in Dallas and you’re looking for an intimate-sized space for friends and family or a large open-air setting for hundreds, the Iron Cactus can happily accommodate you. Just know that we’re looking forward to working with you to make your event a rousing success in the New Year!


Mexican Food Near Me in Dallas

There are few things in life more tantalizing than a delicious Mexican dinner. You could be in the middle of a meal and suddenly get a sense of ‘FOMO,’ the fear of missing out, because you know you could be eating something so much better than that sandwich in front of you. Why not kick FOMO to the curb and put that sandwich in the fridge? Because the best Mexican food near me in Dallas is just around the corner at the Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar.

Mexican Food Near Me In DallasThe menu at the Iron Cactus is loaded with so many Mexican food favorites that it’s difficult to know where to start. Why not kick off your meal of Mexican food near me in Dallas with one of our amazing appetizers, like our Crab Stuffed Jalapeños? The bounty of the sea has never tasted so good, as we combine fresh jalapeños, bacon and jumbo lump crab meat, crust them in panko bread crumbs and fry them to a delicious golden brown, then top them with our mouthwatering lobster crema. Pair those jalapeños with our Lobster Tacos, and you’ve got quite a meal. Chunks of delicious lobster tail and claw meat marry together on warm flour tortillas with peppers, spinach and Monterrey Jack cheese to create an outstanding taste you won’t soon forget. Trust us when we say you’ll want to try these treats as soon as you can!

Don’t let the fear of missing out take root and ruin your meal! Just get yourself to the Iron Cactus and get ready for the best Mexican food near me in Dallas. You will find food for all tastes, plus the most refreshing drinks in town to complement your meal. You will find the Iron Cactus in Downtown Dallas at 1520 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201. Turn that FOMO into YOLO and enjoy one of the best meals in town today!


Private Dining Dallas

“Happy Holidays!” When someone hits you with that festive greeting it can either sound like a seasonal salutation or a four-letter word. How you interpret it really depends on HOW PREPARED you are for the holiday season. And if you’re someone who needs to put together a private dining function this late in the year, it could definitely sound like the latter. However, for the kind of private dining Dallas loves, you should make plans to hold your special event at the Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar.

Private Dining DallasWe would love to help you book your holiday gathering in one of our standout private dining rooms which can accommodate parties of just about any size.

The first step in booking private dining Dallas is to provide us with some details about your holiday gathering:

  • How many guests will we need to accommodate?
  • When were you planning to hold your function?
  • Will you need A/V equipment or your own bartender?

You can give us an initial idea of what your needs will be by filling out our in-house party request form. There you will provide us with the details of your event so we can start the process of planning your party. With just a few details, we can reserve a dining space for you and even help you to choose a menu that will be perfect for your guests.

Don’t delay in making your request for Iron Cactus private dining, Dallas! The holidays are almost upon us and that means we a booking up quickly. The sooner you reach out to set up your private party, the better. That way, the next time someone says “Happy Holidays” you don’t get knots in your stomach stressing about your holiday party! Do your party right and book your event at the Iron Cactus today!


Brunch Near Me in Dallas

Picture this scene, if you will. It’s Sunday morning, you’ve just woken up ready to enjoy a lazy day. Suddenly, you hear a rumbling like a thousand timpani drums! What could it be?!? Is there an earthquake happening?!? No… that is the clarion call of the rumbling stomach. You have awakened BrunchZilla! And when you find yourself with the hunger of a mighty beast like BrunchZilla, there’s only one way to satisfy it, because it’s time to get a plate piled high with your favorite food at the best brunch near me in Dallas. And you will find that brunch at the Iron Cactus!

Close your eyes and picture this delicious image. A pan filled with the fluffiest scrambled eggs cooked for you, while onions and peppers sweat down to the perfect texture and taste. They are all married together with savory cheese to form the omelet of your dreams! The gourmet goodness continues when you pair your delicious omelet with salty bacon and spicy sausage.

Brunch Near Me In DallasBut this isn’t just any meal… this is brunch, my friend. And with brunch it’s almost mandatory that you pair these magnificent morsels with a fizzy, sweet mimosa or the amazing umami flavors of a Bloody Mary.

Food and drink like that go a long way towards soothing the savage BrunchZilla within at brunch near me in Dallas.

The Iron Cactus stands alone because you’re served nothing short of the best dishes offered, all brought out piping hot from the kitchen.

No matter what you choose to eat for brunch, you can know confidently that you’re getting an amazing meal and a winning price. And you can keep going back for seconds (or thirds!) of all your favorites until you’re full.

When it comes to first-class brunch fare with great service and an amazing selection, the Iron Cactus checks all these boxes.

So why not make plans to enjoy an amazing brunch near me in Dallas now. Brunch is waiting for you (and BrunchZilla) every Sunday at the Iron Cactus. Find us downtown at 1520 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201.


Mexican Food Near Me in Dallas

Well, it’s happened again. You’ve gone and gotten hungry. And now you don’t know what to do. You swore to yourself at breakfast this morning that you’d eaten so much you’d never want to eat again, and we saw how long that lasted. That’s hunger for you. It always creeps up and makes you wanna, you know, eat. So now that we both know you’re GONNA need some dinner, it’s time to figure out what’s gonna satisfy that Hunger Monster and keep it at bay for a few more hours. Perhaps you’re considering Mexican food near me in Dallas? If that’s what you’ve got on your mind, it’s high time you and the Hunger Monster pay a visit to the Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar.

Mexican Food Near Me in DallasAt the Iron Cactus, you will find a wide-ranging menu that’s loaded with traditional Mexican favorites, as well as innovative new creations guaranteed to amaze your taste buds and satisfy the most discerning Hunger Monster.

Among the choices for Mexican food near me in Dallas on the Iron Cactus menu are all-time classics like chicken quesadillas, fajitas and enchiladas, but when you dig just a bit deeper, you’ll see that there are amazing creations designed by the chefs at the Iron Cactus that push the boundaries on what you would expect from a Mexican restaurant.

Believe us when we say we mean that in a good way. What do you get when you combine a Tex-Mex taco with a Maine lobster roll? That’s our delicious Lobster Tacos! Mouthwatering lobster mingles in a tortilla with Monterrey Jack, jalapeños and a savory lobster cream sauce, creating a heretofore undiscovered taste sensation. How about another winning combination just waiting to be discovered? Take world-famous Texas brisket and combine it with a quesadilla to get the sumptuous Iron Cactus Brisket Quesadilla. The brisket is paired perfectly with roasted poblano peppers, caramelized onions and a spicy, sweet serrano raspberry bbq sauce. The marriage between these standout ingredients creates a dish you’ll be raving about!

It’s high time you fed that Hunger Monster, my friend. And there’s no better way to put a smile on his face (and yours!) than with a trip to enjoy the best Mexican food near me in Dallas out at the Iron Cactus! We’ll have a table waiting for the both of you today!


Restaurants with Private Rooms in Dallas

With the holidays sneaking up quicker than you’d imagine, it’s just about time to book your office holiday party or family holiday gathering. And if you’re looking to make that party a roaring success, you are likely considering many different restaurants that can accommodate mid to large-sized groups and still offer a private setting that offers a relaxed, yet celebratory atmosphere. And when you’re seeking restaurants with private dining rooms in Dallas, the Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar should be right at the top of your list!

Restaurants with Private Rooms in DallasAt the Iron Cactus, we can offer you and your guests a wide range of options for a private gathering. You and your guests will be enamored with our Cactus Room, which offers a birds-eye view of Main Street and can be customized to your party’s specifications. The Cactus Room features a full-service bar for the exclusive use of your group, as well as dedicated staff whose sole task is to meet your needs. Perfect for an intimate gathering, the Cactus Room is wired for audio and video for any presentation you might like to have, so whether it’s a business PowerPoint or a collection of your favorite ugly Christmas sweater photos you’d like to show, you will be in great shape! The Cactus Room can accommodate up to 80 guests for dinner and as many as 110 for a cocktail function.

The Cactus Room is just one of the options you will have to choose from if you select the Iron Cactus as the restaurants with private dining rooms in Dallas to suit your needs. If you desire a larger space, you can pair the Cactus Room with our Tapas Dining Room to accommodate an additional 70 guests for dinner. Need even more space? The space is available as a complete 2nd floor buyout that also includes our dining patio with a beautiful view of Pegasus Plaza. But don’t think that’s where we draw the line on group size! If you need the whole restaurant, we would love to help you make that happen! Make the entire Iron Cactus your private party to enjoy this holiday season. We would love to know more about how we can help fulfill your private dining needs.


Best Restaurants in Dallas

If what you crave is Mexican food from one of the best restaurants in Dallas, then it’s time for you to plan a visit to the Iron Cactus Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar. Here, you’ll find modern takes on some of your favorite Mexican classics as well as all the traditional favorites you know and love. Once you hear about a few of the delectable dishes you’ll find across our menu, you will be ready for your next visit to the Iron Cactus!

Best Restaurants in Dallas

Take, for instance, our delicious ahi tuna ceviche. In these warm months, you’ll find nothing more refreshing than our delicious ceviche, made with the ever-popular yellowfin tuna, fresh avocado, pico de gallo, blanco tequila and lime juice. The lime juice not only imparts a fresh citrus flavor to the dish, but its acidity actually cooks the fish in this savory dish!

If you are not already salivating, you will after hearing about our pork tamale pops! An innovative spin on a Mexican classic, our pork tamale pops feature pork and jalapeños bound together with flavorful tamale masa and pepper jack cheese. Once you taste these tamale pops, you’ll want to eat everything on a stick!

For a sensational treat that you won’t find at most Mexican restaurants, we recommend our Mexican Meatloaf. Made with Angus sirloin, chorizo and bacon, this South of the Border spin on a family classic imparts an amazing taste, especially when paired with our delicious green chile mashed potatoes and a side of Mexican street corn. You will be ever so delighted once you sink your teeth into this amazing dish! It’s certainly among the finest options you’ll find at the best restaurants in Dallas! Make your plans to visit us and try one of these new dishes that are sure to become a new favorite for you. You’ll find the Iron Cactus in Downtown Dallas at 1520 Main Street, Dallas TX 75201.


Mexican Food Catering in Dallas

One of the largest parts of planning an event revolves around planning the food you intend to serve to your attendees. When it comes to Mexican food catering in Dallas, no restaurant can hold a candle to the food and service supplied by the Iron Cactus! The process of figuring out how many people you have to prepare food for and planning a menu is difficult enough, but then having to prepare and serve the food can make things even more stressful. So whether you’re planning a business luncheon or a wedding reception, you can rest easy knowing that all of your catering needs will be cared for by the team at the Iron Cactus.


Mexican Food Catering in DallasAs you dip your toe into Mexican food catering in Dallas, you will find that the Iron Cactus will walk you through every step and make sure that you’re comfortable with the entire process. First, we ask you to help give us an idea into the event you’re looking to cater by giving us some details into your event. You can apprise us of your needs by filling out the information form found at the webpage There, you can let us know the date and length of your event, the number of guests you hope to feed, and give us some basic details about the venue where you plan on holding your catered event. Once we have these details, we will be able to help you with your next issue, the planning of your event’s menu.

At the Iron Cactus, we will work with you to come up with the perfect menu to suit the needs of an event requiring Mexican food catering in Dallas. If your event requires a tapas-only menu, the Iron Cactus can supply just what you need. If it’s a brunch menu with waffles, eggs, bacon, plus your Mexican favorites like tamales and enchiladas, that can be provided as well. Let us put our many years of catering experience to work for you by helping you assemble the perfect meal for your catered event!