Half Price Margaritas – Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurants North Austin

Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurants, Grill and Bar with locations in Downtown Austin, North Austin, Dallas and San Antonio River Walk makes award-winning, handcrafted, margaritas. Its location in North Austin is now offering half price margaritas on Mondays.

Half Price Margaritas

Half price margaritas at Iron Cactus North Austin taste even better with Mexican dishes from our new menu that will liven up your palate with every bite. So take your taste buds for a joy ride by driving to Iron Cactus North Austin today.

Iron Cactus serves contemporary Mexican dishes and premium, award-winning handcrafted margaritas. The original Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant opened on historic 6th Street in downtown Austin in 1996. Since then, we have grown to four locations including restaurants in North Austin, downtown Dallas and San Antonio River Walk. You can find Iron Cactus on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram .




Tableside Guacamole on National Guacamole Day


One free tableside guacamole only per table and/or party. May not be exchanged for cash. Cannot be combined with any other offer or used multiple times. First come, first serve. No rain checks. Iron Cactus is not responsible if unable to serve due to ingredients running out before end of day. Servers not required or responsible for informing guests of promotion. Dine-in only. Valid only on September 16, 2015. Additional restrictions may apply.

Print or show this image to your Iron Cactus server on September 16th to get ONE FREE TABLESIDE GUACAMOLE!

Iron Cactus National Guacamole Day Promo

11 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Year’s Iron Cactus Tequila Tour

The kids are back at school and the air is becoming cool. That means it’s that time of the year, the annual Tequila Tour is finally here!

Let’s be honest. We can all agree that every happy memory begins and ends with tequila. So buy your tickets now by clicking HERE! A ticket is only $25 (in advance–buy now! it takes one click), $30 (at the door–why wait? be smart), and gets you 10 tequila pours, complimentary appetizers made by Executive Chef James Blanton, a true artisan and powerhouse (literally) in the kitchen, live music and entertainment, free merchandise/swag to take home, the famous Iron Cactus tequila snifter and most important, a night to create new happy memories. Bring all your friends and do the only tour where the guides pour you tequila.

If you’re still not convinced why you shouldn’t miss the annual Tequila Tour on Sept 10th at 6 p.m. at the Iron Cactus in North Austin (10001 Stonelake Blvd.), here are 11 reasons that should do the trick.

11. Be On the Iron Cactus Tequila Tour Kiss Cam.


 10. Meet a cast member from the hit show Friends (depending on how much tequila you’ve had).


9. Who doesn’t love tequila?



8. There is a Patron Saint of Tequila and it’s not Patrón.



7. No Meme Necessary.



6. A double entendre that only Texans and Tequila lovers get.



5. Live music by an awesome Austin band or singer (American Idol Finalist, Kendall Beard, performed last year).



4. Dance! Dance! Dance! While holding your precious Iron Cactus snifter.



3. Spot future America’s Got Talent finalist



2. The Whip was invented at last year’s Tequila Tour…




1) …So was the Nae Nae.



Click HERE now and buy your Tequila Tour tickets!

(All photos used on this blog post were taken from last year’s Tequila Tour.)

The Benefits of Dancing According to Austin’s Dance Authority

Every Friday night starting at 8 p.m. at Iron Cactus North Austin (10001 Stonelake Blvd.), Austin’s most famous Latin Dance instructor, Tony Mogaddam, offers our guests free dance lessons from the sophisticated Tango to the steamy Salsa (and we don’t mean our famous warm-roasted salsa although you can enjoy that too).

To get you going to hit the dance floor every Friday night at Iron Cactus North Austin, Tony put away his dance shoes for the moment and shared with us the benefits of dancing. He would know he’s been doing it for years and have won awards to prove it. If you’d like more information about private or group lessons, visit:

Here’s why you should DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! according to Tony:

1 Dancing is a Calorie Blaster.

Dance exercises our bodies to allow for increased circulation. It helps us burn those calories away, while improving our stamina. It is estimated that dance burns anywhere from 5 to 10 calories per minute depending on speed and intensity. For example, swing and mambo (salsa) burn more calories than a slow waltz. Check out approximately how many calories you burn while dancing salsa to your own tune:

Dancer’s weight:    Approximate Calories Burned Per Hour:

100 lb………………264  Calories Burned Per Hour
125 lb………………330  Calories Burned Per Hour
150 lb………………396  Calories Burned Per Hour
175 lb………………462  Calories Burned Per Hour
200 lb………………528  Calories Burned Per Hour

If you don’t believe it, just watch the Tay-robics video below:

2. Dancing Is the Fountain of Youth

Dancing is tremendously beneficial in keeping us young. It slows down the aging process immensely. It benefits our heart, cardiovascular system and increases our lung capacity

Fact: The muscle exertion and breathing rates of dancers performing in one dance competition is equivalent to those of cyclists, swimmers and an Olympic-level 800-meter runner.


3. Dancing Keeps Your Bones Strong (Got Milk?) and Lubricated Joints

Dance aids in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, which is a major concern for women, especially during post-menopause because of the significant drop in estrogen that occurs at this stage. A decrease in our estrogen levels is what stops calcium from being absorbed into our bones. Dance also keeps joints lubricated, which helps prevent arthritis. J-Lo is proof of this.

4. Dancing Improves Your Memory

Dance improves our memory by making us recall steps, routines and dance patterns making it a great mental exercise for our brains. The big benefit is that increasing mental exercise keeps your mind young, quick, alert and open.

Betcha y’all still remember the steps to The Carlton. Don’t deny it! We don’t judge.



10 Awesome Things About Iron Cactus in 2014

You may be overwhelmed with all the year end lists, but there’s no denying we all love reading them. So here’s our list of ten awesome Iron Cactus related things in 2014. In other words, our year in review:

10.  Upon seeing Sofia Vergara throwback tequila at the Golden Globes with five lime wedges, we offered tequila Sofia Vergara Style for a limited time.



9. We were prepared to give away free fajitas if the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl last year.

Dallas Mexican Restaurants

Dallas Cowboys Head Coach with Roy Figueroa, Iron Cactus Dallas GM

8. We introduced the Avocado Margarita made with Dulce Vida organic tequila. And it was delish!

avocado margarita dulce vida


7. And there was this promise made by SXSW attendees.


6. Our co-owner and general partner, Gary Manley, was featured on the cover of Cheers Magazine’s April issue and described as one of the nation’s tequila experts

Gary Manley Cheers Cover April


5. We celebrated a Cinco De Mayo Fiesta for our Facebook Fans by giving away one $10 coupon.

4. We helped raise funds to set up a college fund for the two children of Austin, Texas-based Nancy and Mark Clifton, who had been battling various forms of cancer for more than a decade, through an online fundraising and our annual charity golf tournament.

(L-R) Mark Nevarez, COO, Mike Pottorrff, co-owner/General Partner, Mark Clifton, Gary Manley, co-owner/General Partner

(L-R) Mark Nevarez, COO, Mike Pottorrff, co-owner/General Partner, Mark Clifton, Gary Manley, co-owner/General Partner

3. We hosted our 17th Annual Tequila Tour. It has truly become the most unforgettable Austin tradition.

2. We gave away free tableside guacamole on National Guacamole Day. ICYMI, there always 2015.

tableside guacamole


1. We made sure Black Friday retail workers were rewarded for their hard work with a free lunch at our North Austin and Galleria locations.

Retail Worker Meme Dreaming

There were other awesome things that about Iron Cactus, but who wants to read more than 10 things on any list. That said, feel free to share with us your awesome moments at Iron Cactus. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter , on Instagram and on Google+ for entertaining posts and to win Iron Cactus gift cards.

Thanks for 2014 and we’ll see y’all in 2015. We’ve got tons of awesome things cooking!


Three Reasons Why Iron Cactus Gift Cards Should Be on Your Christmas List

1. They make great stocking stuffers!

xmas stockings



2. It’s as good as cash at all Iron Cactus locations




3. For every $100 gift card you buy, you get one free $25 gift card. And for every $50 gift card you buy, you get one free $10 gift card. Click on photo to purchase.

Iron Cactus gift card


Five Types of Bosses Who Deserve a Free Lunch at Iron Cactus

Cake Boss

This is the boss that brings baked goods and pastries, which are either homemade or store-bought at the local HEB. Regardless of how or where they got the delicious pastries, everyone devours them with or without coffee. By the end of the day, only crumbs are left.

Cake Boss Meme


The Donald

This is the boss that brings out the best work you can deliver. Whether it’s their intimidating presence, proven leadership success or unique hairstyle, you always try to make sure that you exceed this boss’s expectations.

Youre Fired Meme


The Clean Freak

The boss that consistently reminds you to keep your desk, cube or office tidy, organized and sanitary. Their office has a large bottle of Purell not for them but for you to use before any meeting in their office. Their penchant for cleanliness is the same for the reports you hand in. They’ll send you home to rest if they hear you sneeze more than once in a day.

Monk Meme


The One Of The Guys

This boss will keep you in their office to chat about the Dallas Cowboys, the Longhorns, the latest Groupon sale, or any topic that isn’t work-related. Their at every cocktail happy hour and even organizes them sometimes. Unfortunately, since you’ve seen them drink a little too much at one of the many happy hours, you’ve lost some respect for them as your boss. Regardless, they’re great to hang with and guaranteed to give you a great reference.

The Office


The Comedian

They have a witty remark about every situation. In meetings, they lead off the agenda with a funny one-liner. You question their decision making sometimes because you’re unsure whether they’re serious or kidding around. At times, they’re just totally clueless, but you have faith that working for them will bring you promotion because if they can move up so can you.

Veep Meme

Take Your Boss to Iron Cactus North Austin (Stonelake Blvd.) or Iron Cactus Hill Country Galleria this Thursday, 10/16, for a free lunch!


Nine Iron Cactus Instagram Pics Worthy of #ThrowbackThursday

DeAndre Jordan of the Clippers got a little preseason workout at the Iron Cactus Riverwalk last year. Unfortunately, it didn’t help since the Spurs went on to win the NBA Championship. Anyone say REPEAT?


Several Los Angeles Clippers players were at our San Antonio Riverwalk location. Here’s Center DeAndre Jordan with Iron Cactus team member Rene Gonzales. We think we had something to do with the Clippers success in the NBA playoffs.

View on Instagram


Rosario Dawson checks out the Iron Cactus Downtown.




#ironcactus team members pose with the beautiful Rosario Dawson! #SXSW celebrities love the Iron Cactus! View on Instagram



Sofia Vergara sparked a tequila drinking trend at the Golden Globes. Iron Cactus served tequila Sofia Vergara style for a limited time after that.




thanks to @therealsarahhyland for snapping a pic of @sofiavergara drinking #tequila at the #goldenglobes. she started a new trend in drinking tequila. be glam and order your next tequila Sofia Vergara style with five lime wedges. View on Instagram




Miley Cyrus enjoyed a few margaritas at our downtown Dallas location. She didn’t Twerk or swing on a Wrecking Ball.


Manager Roy Figueroa with #Twerk queen @MileyCyrus who enjoyed a lil #IronCactus at our #Dallas location. #Celebs #WreckingBall #Tequila

View on Instagram

We turned our Marquis into an Instagram Feed during #SXSW Interactive and made a special request. There were no hugs given so thanks.


we know our toilets are so huggable, but they don’t hug back! 🙂 #sxsw

View on Instagram


The 70’s called they want Disco back. We brought back Disco Dancing every Saturday night while Friday nights are Salsa Nights (the Latin Dance not the awesome, delicious, fresh and addictive dip we serve with your tortilla chips, but you can have those too.) at the Iron Cactus North Austin in Stonelake.



“Play that #funky music…” With our bartenders Danny, Andrea and John at North #Austin tonight! View on Instagram


We greeted the New Year with simul-parties at all five locations. Our New Year’s Eve parties are legendary so plan on closing out 2014 with us.



Things are getting hot at #ironcactus simul-parties in #Austin #Dallas #SanAntonio! Share your #rockineve pics with us! Happy New Year! View on Instagram

Pucker Up! We redefined the tradition that happens under a mistletoe.


The #ironcactus mistletoe is up at our downtown #dallas restaurant. Bring your better half tomorrow and snap a photo during the City Lights Holiday Fest. Share it with us by hashtagging #ironcactus for a chance to win a $25 gift card. Pucker up!

View on Instagram


Forget Dracula Untold, our Dracula and his Mrs. know how to mix margaritas and they won’t suck your blood!


Meet Count Dracula and his wife. The lovely couple are #IronCactus bartenders, Jesse and Jenny, and they are married. They found love behind the bar at Iron Cactus. #HappyHalloween!

View on Instagram

Be sure to Follow Us on Instagram and hashtag #ironcactus on any Iron Cactus pics. We’re still randomly giving away $25 gift cards to our favorite #ironcactus Intagram pics.

ICYMI: Nine Entertaining Scenes Spotted at The Iron Cactus Tequila Tour

To those who made excuses not to attend last Thursday’s Tequila Tour, here’s what you missed:


American Idol Season 8 contestant Kendall Beard rocking the stage…and yes, the judges made a mistake in not selecting her to be in the top 12. Like her Facebook page here.

Kendall BeardKendall Beard2

A barrel of Dulce Vida Tequila

Dulce vida barrel



This bucket that you could’ve used for your #icebucketchallenge. Yes, we just hashtagged on a blog post. 

Paradise with a twist



This dude juggling limes.

Juggling Limes


The original three amigos!

three amigos



Kissing GuestKissing Guest2


Food! Food! and more Food!

Food3 Food2 Food


A whole lot of tequila!

Mezcal1 Don Julio El Jimador with Chef Espolon Cazadores1 Casamigos


and Big Will!

Big Will Meme




11 Things You’ll Likely See at This Year’s Tequila Tour in North Austin

We’re counting down the hours until it’s time for the 17th Annual Tequila Tour at the Iron Cactus in North Austin located at 10001 Stonelake Blvd. Map it here.

If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you better buy them now because it is more expensive at the door by $5. Click here to purchase tickets. Now, that you’ve bought your tickets, here are 11 things you’ll likely see at this year’s Tequila Tour.


11) Tables with tequila bottles for you to sample.


Tequila tables



10) A crowd of tequila afficionados inside…


Crowd Inside 


9) …and outside.

Crowd shot outside



8) Jesse, our head bartender who comes up with unique margarita recipes.


Jesse, Iron Cactus Head Bartender



7) Happy guests.


Happy Guests at Tequila Tour


6) More happy guests…


More happy guests




5) Guests sniffing their dates after sniffing tequila. 


Snifter literally or Kiss cam




4) Iron Cactus Snifters. (They’re called Snifters not Sniffers).

Iron Cactus Snifters



3) Our smart, lovely and creative events team members, Meredith and Rhyann. Call them to plan your private, corporate onsite or off-site catering events. The number to call is: 512-692-8059



Meredith and Rhyann



2) A guy caught enjoying tequila samples.





1) Folks lining up to get in, you’ll think the iPhone 7 has arrived…


Lining up to get in


We’ve been known to run out of tickets, but never tequila, so buy your tickets now. See y’all this Thursday for the Tequila Tour 2014 for another unforgettable evening of tequila, food, entertainment and a ton of swag you can bring home. Drink moderately and tour responsibly.