Things to Consider When Choosing a Caterer

We’ve been catering since 1995. We know it can be overwhelming to find a caterer that fits exactly what you want for your party or event. It’s not an easy task, so we put together some things to think about when hiring a caterer.

How is the food presented? Are we talking china & silverware or disposable plates and utensils? Make sure both parties understand completely the level of presentation provided. Do you want servers present at your event or do you just need the food dropped off?

Quantity vs. Quality?  For many cuisines, freshness is everything. How much food do you need for your event? Will your guests be starving or just need a light snack. (Tip: If you are serving alcohol at your event, you may want to consider going heavy on the food.) Many restaurants will offer very inexpensive menus. That usually means you are sacrificing either quality or quantity. Be aware of both.

Will you need bar service for your event? If so, what are the fees associated with bar service? Many places will charge extra for bar service, sometimes they will even charge you for ice. Make sure you ask very specifically about any charges associated with a catered bar. (Tip: Many venues will require a copy of TABC license for bars. Make sure you are certain your caterer can provide the pertinent documents.)

Have you read the contract? THOROUGHLY? Many caterers ask that you sign a long, sometimes involved, contract. Make sure you read every line of anything that you sign. If something is not clear, ask about it. (Tip: Make sure your caterer has liability insurance, for example.)

Do they cater only to limited occasions? Some caterers specialize in specific meals or times of day. Make sure they can deliver for your event at your time, and your meal.

Do they clearly state the costs up front? Catering costs should be clearly defined, and any additional costs should be made clear and agreed upon. For example, not every caterer will provide utensils, napkins, cups, etc. free of charge. Make sure you communicate your expectations clearly and receive a detailed estimate of how much everything costs.

Your event should be unforgettable for both you and your guests. Iron Cactus delivers a wide range of distinctly flavored, freshly served and beautifully presented catered events that include our unmatched tequila offerings. To learn more about how to make your catered event truly memorable, contact us.


Mezcal is a word that conjures up evocative images of old Mexico. It’s yet another reason why Mexico is unlike any other place. Like the land around it, Mezcal is a world steeped in myth and legend; an experience that connects us to a past realized in smoky wafts of oak and agave.
Describing it is like trying to describe the sound a cello makes to a deaf person. It has a fullness and subtlety that emerges slowly. Mezcal is as close as you can get to experiencing pure Mexico in a glass. It’s a mystical, earthy concoction, with roots deep in native culture. Its genius is in its unique creation, as true Mezcal is produced in small towns, located mostly in the state of Oaxaca.
Whereas Tequila is only produced from one type of agave plant, Mezca can be produced from different varieties. These differences, along with the closely-guarded recipes and secret preparation techniques are the primary reasons Mezcal has wildly varied tastes.
The most important difference from tequila is the smoke. After years of cultivating the agaves, which are grown on the sides of mountains, the pina, or the heart of the plant is buried and smoked over a bed of oak wood for several days. The oak-imparted, blackened heart is then crushed by an old stone wheel pulled by horses and donkeys to extract the precious liquid. The liquid is fermented, then distilled, usually twice, in copper vats, and secret ingredients are added. The Mezcal is then allowed to age in antiquated oak barrels, which provide further flavoring.
The result is nothing less than miraculous. The taste is everything Iron Cactus stands for: distinctiveness, authenticity, a spirit that can only be experienced and never quite explained.
Right now, Iron Cactus is proud to serve Wahaka Mezcal. Made by 5th generation “mezcaleros” from the small town of San Dionisio Ocotepec, in the state of Oxaaca, it’s as real as it gets. Come sip a a precious glass–you will be transported.

Guest for a Special Cause

A Special Guest for a Special Cause

This past week, we had a very special guest at the Iron Cactus on Sixth Street. Maddie joined us on Wednesday afternoon on our outdoor patio for a margarita and chips. While that doesn’t sound terribly unusual, Maddie is actually a Yellow Labrador, and she was there to help create a great new TV commercial for our friends at the Austin Animal Center.

Austin Animal Center is trying to impress upon people the importance of tagging and microchipping their pets, so if animals get lost, they can be returned to their owners. The idea of the TV spot was to feature Maddie whimsically enjoying popular, iconic Austin locations, and finally being returned to her owner, thanks to her microchipping and tags. So Maddie spent a day getting a trim at Birds Barbershop, catching a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse, paddle-boarding on Lady Bird Lake, listening to a lively street musician on South Congress, and enjoying chips and an afternoon drink from her “margarita bowl” with us at the Iron Cactus. (Animal activists relax; Maddie’s marg was actually just water; although, the ones enjoyed by the creative team from MOSAK Advertising & Insights were very much the real thing and very much enjoyed!)

Maddie joined us for a couple of hours upstairs on the rooftop patio being served by Danielle. Besides working at the Iron Cactus, Danielle is an actress, and she smoothly delivered her lines and margaritas with the friendly service upon which we pride ourselves. Everyone else, from bartenders to managers, also contributed. As animal lovers, we are always happy to help out for a good cause, and the Austin Animal Center is certainly making life better for these animals, their owners and our fellow Austinites. The spot should be running soon and will be posted at

Austin Animal Center recently opened their new location on the east side at 7201 Levander Loop, and you can have your pet tagged and microchipped there. It’s easy and painless. You’ll also be able to view the spot on the Austin Animal Center Facebook page, as well as our Facebook page. Look for the spot and we’ll look for you on our outdoor patio overlooking Sixth Street enjoying a tasty marg. As Maddie can attest, “it’s a great place to hang out.”

Lobster Tacos

Lobster Tacos, TV and Iron Cactus

On a recent KXAN Tasty Thursday, Gary and Adam from Iron Cactus stopped by to share their recipe for lobster tacos.

Lobster Tacos Recipe


4 oz diced Lobster (portion bag)
0.25 oz Soy Bean Oil (1/2 Tbsp)
0.25 oz diced Jalapenos (Deseeded) (1/2 Tbsp)
1.5 oz prepped Lobster Sauce
1.5 oz shredded Monterrey Jack Cheese
1 oz White Wine Cooking
0.5 oz julienne Fresh Spinach
3 ea 4.5″-5″ Flour Tortillas
0.5 oz prepped Veggie Baste
1 oz prepped Pico de Gallo
2 oz prepped Red Pepper Coulis
0.5 oz. prepped Chiffonade Spinach

1. Pre-heat a saute pan, heat the oil, add the lobster, jalapenos.
2. Saute for 3 minutes, deglaze with white wine, reduce the wine by half and add the lobster sauce
3.Simmer sauce for about 1 minute, remove from heat, and stir in the cheese, then add the spinach.
4. At the same time, brush tortillas with baste and grill making diamond marks. Then fill the tortillas with equal
of the lobster mixture.
5. Place pico at point of tacos on top of lettuce.. Place a 2oz ramekin of red pepper coulis on the plate
beside the pico.

Have you tried the recipe? What did you think?

Give Your Loved Ones a Gift Card From Iron Cactus River Walk!


Iron Cactus gift cards make the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. This year Iron Cactus introduces “Give Back” gift card this holiday season. Iron Cactus will donate 20% off all gift card proceeds to Soldiers’ Angels from December 1st-December 31st, 2011. For your convienence, you can now order the gift card online:        Merry Christmas!

Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant Is the Perfect Wedding Venue

Let Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant be your wedding venue on the San Antonio River Walk

Looking for a place to book an upcoming wedding event this year? The Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurants in Downtown San Antonio should be the first place you call. We can accommodate small private wedding parties or larger groups up to 350 people. And we have several private event rooms to choose from.

Plus if you book your event with the Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant on the Riverwalk in 2011, you’ll receive a complimentary champagne toast! Email Rhyann for exclusive details at and mention this month’s blog!

Your special wedding event will be even more memorable when you choose the Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio as your wedding venue.

Fiesta at the Iron Cactus, one of San Antonio’s most unique Mexican Restaurants

Keep the Fiesta going at the Iron Cactus, one of San Antonio’s most unique Mexican Restaurants

It’s that time of year again; the Fiesta San Antonio is back and ready to celebrate the diverse history and culture of the city! With over 100 events to attend, this fiesta is truly an event to experience with family and friends.Fiesta San Antonio is April 7 through April 17. Here are just a few details:

  • 11 days
  • More than 100 events
  • 100 local non-profit member organizations
  • Up to 3.5 million attending
  • $284 million economic impact
  • The party with a purpose!

Through all the festivities, keep the fun going at one of the Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurants on the San Antonio Riverwalk with a Silver Spur Margarita and our delicious Cactus Quesadillas! If you’re at Fiesta, you’ll already be close to downtown San Antonio and the San Antonio Riverwalk. So make the Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant your place for dinner.

Long Live the Alamo and the Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio

Long Live the Alamo and the Iron Cactus, the most unique of San Antonio’s Mexican Restaurants.

When you go to one of the Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurants on the San Antonio Riverwalk, remember that this year marks the 175th anniversary of the Battle at the Alamo in 1836. For thirteen days, two-hundred Texans fought to defend the Alamo from over a thousand Mexican troops. Though the battle was lost, it inspired the battle cry, “Remember the Alamo” which rallied the troops to victory in the war. Because of this battle, the Alamo has become a widely known San Antonio historical landmark that continues to be visited each year.

So on this special occasion be sure to make the trip out to this historic landmark and keep the tradition going by bringing the family into one of the best San Antonio Riverwalk Mexican Restaurants, for a taste of our delicious Tex-Mex cuisine!

Enjoy Spring at the Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant in San Antonio

Keep The Evening Going At The Most Festive Mexican Restaurants on the San Antonio Riverwalk!
In addition to enjoying great cuisine at one of the Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurants, the San Antonio Riverwalk has many fun activities. This month, be sure to head downtown as art, music, and theater fill HemisFair Park on Saturday, March 12th. The Annual Luminaria Arts Festival is back and lighting up downtown with art, film, and street performances from regional artists and musicians. Be sure to keep this spectacular evening going with dinner and drinks around family and friends at San Antonio’s most unique Mexican Restaurant, The Iron Cactus.

Round Up At The Best Mexican Restaurant In San Antonio

It’s that time of year again. Enjoy a combination of Mexican food dining and the rodeo! The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is back and kicking off this year’s festivities with Xtreme Bullriding, Pro Rodeo Events, and Performances by Lady Antebellum, Toby Keith, and much more! The festivities will continue through February 20th; so be sure to head down to the San Antonio River Walk after a day at the Rodeo. Continue the fun and enjoy some contemporary Mexican cuisine at the Iron Cactus Mexican Restaurant. Click here for our menu.