20 Reasons to Play the 20th Annual Iron Cactus Charity Golf Tournament on June 1st

We’re celebrating our 20th year hosting the Iron Cactus charity golf tournament. In the past 19 years, we’ve raised close to $500,000 for various charities and causes. With your generosity and participation, we will be able to surpass the half million dollar mark.

We hope that after reading the list below, you will sign up for this year’s charity tournament. However, if you can’t make the tournament, you can still help make a difference by donating at This year’s funds will support our wounded heroes to participate in Staurolite’s Foundation Mountain Top Safaris and Elk Hunt.

1) Jordan Spieth may not show up, but the Don Julio girls will.

Don Julio girls


2) You can finally stop and smell the flowers (be sure to take your allergy meds first).

Flowers in bloom at Grey Rock Golf Club

Flowers in bloom at Grey Rock Golf Club

3) You can channel Fast & Furious with these carts. Just remember you crash it, you buy it!

Empty Carts

4) You can show off your Tiger-esque golf swing.

golfers at the range

golfers at the range

5) Chance to meet Don Pepe Zevada of Z Tequila.

Don Pepe Zevada with Z Tequila Girls

6) Win one of several door prizes


7) Watch this golf swing live (eyes on the ball!).

Chick Swinging Club Collage

8) Play golf with your buddies.

golf buddies


9)  Get a hole in one, win a great prize, not have to buy anybody drinks.

Hole in One


10) Drink while driving with an open container (please drink responsibly and see no. 3)

Cart girl with beer


11) See a demo on how a natural blow dryer works.

Dulce Vida girls


12) Wear a Sombrero (or any funny hat you want).



13) Sport a Hornitos Bandana Ese!

Hornitos Bandana


14) Close million dollar deals before even teeing off.

Mark N Close Major Deals


15) Food. Lots of Food from Iron Cactus. Where else?



16) Meet the Dynamic Dudes behind Iron Cactus.

Gary and Mike


17) Proof that 1800 Tequila is a brand not a toll free number for free tequila.

1800 tequila girl


18) Pose for photos with the lovely tequila pourers.

Strike a Pose


19) Win a Z Tequila gift box while getting photobombed by Don Pepe Z.

Z tequila photobomb


20) Have Big Smiles all day long knowing you made a difference in someone’s life while sampling tequila and playing golf.

Big smiles


Print and fill-out the form below to guarantee your spot at the 20th Annual Iron Cactus Charity Golf Tournament.


Golf Registration Form Back Golf Registration Form Front

Farewell Jimmy Kimmel! How to Make the Kimmelrita!

Now that Jimmy Kimmel fever is over and Austinites are recovering from his visit during SXSW. We wanted to share with you as a way to keep Jimmy Kimmel’s spirit (no pun intended) alive how to make the Kimmelrita. But first, we want to thank Jimmy Kimmel for the shout out on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It’s our honor to name a margarita after you highlighted by George Clooney’s Casamigos Tequila and Independence Brewing Co.’s Stash IPA, just because you love beer!

Since the Kimmelrita was only available while Jimmy Kimmel was in Austin, our guests have asked how to make the popular margarita at home. You can click the video below to learn how to make the unique margarita the way Jesse, our head bartender, makes it. He recommends having a few Kimmelritas while watching Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Free Tableside Guacamole at Iron Cactus on September 16th, National Guacamole Day

Iron Cactus Celebrates National Guacamole Day by Giving Away One Free

Tableside Guacamole per Table on September 16th

 Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar is giving away one free tableside guacamole on National Guacamole Day, September 16th, per table and/or party only if the guest shows their server the official tableside guacamole photo from Iron Cactus’ Facebook page at

“Iron Cactus is not only known for our wide selection of tequilas and award-winning margaritas. Our tableside guacamole is one of the most popular dishes for our guests and Facebook fan as they regularly share images and videos of it on their social networks,” said Gary Manley, General Partner at Iron Cactus. “There is no better way to celebrate National Guacamole Day than to have our guests enjoy one tableside guacamole on us.”


Priced at $11.99, the free tableside guacamole is made fresh right at the guest’s table using only the finest ingredients. Guests may only avail of one free tableside guacamole per table and/or party if the guest shows the official Facebook photo. It may not be redeemed in exchange for cash and must be used at the time of visit. It may not be combined with any other offer or used multiple times. It is only valid for lunch or dinner on September 16, 2014. Additional restrictions may apply.

Guests are encouraged to share photos of their free tableside guacamole on their social networks and hashtag #ironcactusguacaholics.

About Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar

Iron Cactus serves contemporary Mexican dishes and premium, award-winning handcrafted margaritas. The original restaurant opened on historic 6th Street in downtown Austin in 1996 and has grown to include a location on the San Antonio River Walk. You can find Iron Cactus on Facebook , Twitter, and Instagram.  More information about Iron Cactus can be found at


Remembering the Heroes of 9/11

It’s been 13 years today since the Twin Towers in New York City crumbled to the ground and forever changed our way of life. As we commemorate 9/11, we, at Iron Cactus, salute our own brave firefighters.

Iron Cactus Firefighting Crew

Iron Cactus Firefighting Crew


Last Sunday, we sponsored a team of firefighters, who honor their fallen brethren by climbing the equivalent of 110-stories at a building in downtown Austin. What is known as the Memorial Stair Climb for Texas Firewalkers, our team and the rest of the firefighters who participated, carried their full firefighting gear walking up 110-stories. They do this Memorial Stair Climb every year to honor the 343 brave heroes of the FDNY. Say thank you and hug a firefighter today. Never Forget!



Iron-Cactus-Gluten-Free-Plate-stacked pork enchiladas

Gluten-Free Never Tasted So Good!

Gluten-free is not just a diet craze.

According to the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, about 1% of the U.S. population has celiac disease. For these individuals, staying gluten-free is a matter of life and death.

The rest of the population who are going on a gluten-free diet are doing so because they may be gluten sensitive or simply want to cut the amount of gluten foods they eat. Removing gluten from one’s diet may benefit some more than others.

In a recent article in by Dr. Arthur Agatson, author of The South Beach Diet Gluten Solution, he declares that “as a society, we are in a state of ‘gluten overload,’ and millions of people of all ages and all walks of life are suffering as a result of a condition that was recognized only a few years ago, called gluten sensitivity.” [To view the complete article, please click here.]

One common complaint by many who have decided to try being gluten-free is the lack of taste in gluten-free dishes. At Iron Cactus, its gluten-free menu includes dishes that even the non-gluten-free guest would find delicious.

“We want to ensure that our gluten-free guests are able to experience the same tasty dishes that we create for our non-gluten-free guests, “said Iron Cactus Executive Chef Jaime Chozet.  “Our gluten-free menu includes appetizers, entrées and desserts.”

The stacked pork enchiladas is one of the many gluten-free menu items at Iron Cactus.

Iron Cactus has been serving gluten-free dishes since 2008, years before other restaurants started to offer it.

So if you’re gluten-free, be sure to check out our gluten-free menu the next time you visit Iron Cactus.


Iron Cactus Hosts Charity Golf Tournament for Marbridge

For the 18th consecutive year, Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar hosted a charity golf tournament to raise funds for Marbridge, a non-profit residential community that offers transitional and lifetime care to adults with a wide range of cognitive abilities providing them opportunities to learn, experience and live a normal life.

Through this annual charity golf tournament held at Grey Rock Golf Club, Iron Cactus has raised more than $400,000 excluding this year’s tournament.  Last year alone, Iron Cactus raised $25,000 from the golf tournament.  The funds from last year’s and this year’s event will go to the construction of a new gymnasium named as Victory Hall Athletic and Events Center at Marbridge.  The name was suggested by its residents.

“We are thankful to our tournament sponsors and the golfers who play year in and year out,” said Gary Manley, General Partner at Iron Cactus. “With a new gymnasium, the residents of Marbridge will have a chance to learn and play new sports. It will also allow the Marbridge staff to host a variety of events and seminars.”

The Sizzling History of Fajitas

Iron Cactus FajitasFajitas have grown from obscure, South Texas roots to become a beloved mainstay of Mexican cooking. The history of fajitas, while somewhat blurred, belongs to the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas and northern Mexico, where skirt steak was often used as payment to vaqueros (Spanish for “cowboys”). The vaqueros soon became adept at marinating the steak and devouring its various, tasty forms.

The mainstream popularity of fajitas truly began in the 70s as restaurants and concession stands in South Texas awakened the cowboy tradition by grilling skirt steak on sizzling platters and serving them with flour tortillas. Soon, thanks to some very satisfied and loyal customers, their popularity exploded. Ingredients quickly grew to include guacamole, grated cheese and pico de gallo, a combination of fresh onions, tomatoes, peppers and cilantro.

The tradition of delivering them to the table on a sizzling platter certainly did nothing to inhibit their popularity. Many customers can readily attest that it is hard to resist the delectable smell of sizzling, flavorful steak as it passes by your table.

Soon enough, they became a staple at Mexican restaurants across the state, with many variations on this simple dish.

At Iron Cactus, we appreciate the authentic roots of fajitas and have added our signature unique blends of flavors to create our own interpretation, including such evocative dishes as Tequila Marinated Chicken Breast, Tequila Adobo Marinated Shrimp, an unforgettable steak and chicken combination, and the Achiote Marinated Pork Carnitas. Be sure to come and try one of these delightful dishes for yourself. You will be keeping an authentic tradition alive while delighting your taste buds.


I’ve worked in the restaurant industry for many years and have always enjoyed learning every aspect of the restaurant business. One thing that I’ve never done in my years of experience is showcase a dish on live TV, but that all changed last Monday.

Iron Cactus Riverwalk was invited to be part of the local NBC morning show, San Antonio Living, for its July 9th show. Being the general manager of the Riverwalk location, I was asked to be the guest on the show to demo a Tex-Mex dish. Our team decided on the Yucatan Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa. It was an excellent choice since it is a refreshing dish that is perfect for the summer season and can be made by the home viewer.

Since this is my TV debut, I arrived at the studio early to make sure I had enough time to set-up and prep for my segment. I was glad that everyone who worked on the show was welcoming from the camera guys to the director to the show’s host, Shelly Miles. She walked me through how the segment was going to go down.

I was also glad that the San Antonio Living set had its own kitchen. It made it easier to get the food and ingredients prepped before I went on the air. I also quickly learned that nothing ever happens as planned on live TV. Due to lack of experience, I had a couple of minor mishaps during prep time. Thankfully, the live cooking segment went without a hitch.

More important, I was able to share with the audience what the Iron Cactus Riverwalk has to offer including our unique Mexican dishes, award-winning margaritas, happy hour and our recent fundraising for our troops.

If you’d like to view the segment and learn how to make Yucatan Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa, play the video below:

See you at the Iron Cactus Riverwalk soon!
Steve Clemens
General Manager
Iron Cactus Riverwalk